The 12 Best Manifestation Methods

Manifesting is the simple belief that you can achieve a goal through the sheer belief that it is possible and that you can do it. The most crucial part of manifesting the life of your dreams is to adopt a positive mindset and only to attract good energy. You can achieve all your goals if you only change your mindset. This practice involves using manifestation methods.

Manifestation methods

From Plato to Oprah, many great thinkers believe that manifesting the life you want is the key to success. So what do these people have in common? 

They know how to use the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction is the concept that if we only have good thoughts and create a life in which we only emit positive energy, we can only attract good things and positive energy. This mindset has even proven to help lead a less stressful life. At the core of this concept is the idea that our thoughts are so powerful that they can impact events and occurrences in our lives.  

We can use the term Law of Attraction as the title or process of manifesting yet consider manifesting a tool to get where we want to be. Using the proper manifestation methods is where the magic happens and leads to the dream version you have of yourself.

What Makes Successful Manifestation?

How do you know your manifestation is successful, especially if you haven’t seen the result yet? There are signs that your manifestation methods are close to fruition. 

For example, you may start to see signs and synchronicities that you can’t ignore. These might be butterflies, repeating numbers, or something that means something to only you.

There are more concrete ways in which you can see the Law of Attraction is working for you, and you’ve nearly manifested your desires. You can measure success very simply. For example, if your thoughts have changed from negative to positive, you might notice you have much more positive energy and vibrancy.

Another sign is that people are kinder and more helpful towards you. They want to approach you because they can feel the energy radiate off you. Your energy will attract people to your life. 

You might also find that things seem to happen hassle-free, such as getting a job offer after only applying to one job. You might also find that your life seems to go a little “too well” without obstacles or issues. This shift in the course of things is simply a sign of a successful manifestation.

Manifestation Techniques

For the manifestation methods to work and give your life a sense of direction, it’s important to set intentions and remember why you want this dream. It can be why you want to achieve a goal and how you will be there. 

You’ve probably heard of manifesting before but didn’t know how to go about it. For example, have you ever received a phone call from a friend and you’ve said: “I was just thinking of you!”—this is the Law of Attraction. Or, have you ever made an 11:11 wish when the clock strikes? That is commonly associated with manifestation too. 

Try out these top ten tips and manifestation methods to achieve the life you dream of living.

Setting an Intention

This step is something to do before choosing a technique to follow. Setting an intention is all about giving yourself direction, deciding who you want to be, where you want to be, and why you want to be there. Think about what you want to change in your life or what goals you want to accomplish. 

This exercise has other benefits, too. It helps you get to know yourself better and discover what’s truly inside you and what you desire in life. You can think of material things, but they don’t have to be. You might want to write it down, and this helps manifest only positive things into your life and bring your energy to the level you need to make it happen. 

1. Vision Boards

Vision boards, also known as dream boards, are one of the most straightforward—and fun!—manifestation methods. Many of us are doing it without even knowing it. These boards can help tidy up the cluttered thoughts in our heads and straighten out what we prioritize and want in life.  

It’s easy to make a vision board—simply cut up some old magazines and arrange the words and images onto cardboard or paper. Include who you want to be, where you see yourself, and changes you would like to incorporate into your life.

Pinterest has some examples to inspire you if you’re stuck on ideas. But know that other people’s vision boards won’t have the solutions—you have to make it yours!

The central aspect of making a vision board work for you is to create the vision board and act on it. 

For example, suppose you’ve included a quote that says, “The early bird gets the worm.” While this is true, you also need to act on this, get up early and make the day happen. 

Vision boards are great as they are easy to do. It’s a therapeutic process that reminds us why we need to keep striving, even on the more challenging days.  

Try a vision board as a toe-dip into manifestation and see how it works for you.

2. Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself to ensure you achieve your goal or desire. When you continue to affirm what you desire, you can retrain your whole mind. It is one of the best manifestation techniques as it serves as a reminder of what you hope to achieve.

The critical part is to feel the emotion inside when you state these affirmations. It’s essential to find the excitement and gratitude and embody these emotions as you state these affirmations.

One of the most excellent ways to do this is to write out your positive affirmations on sticky notes. You can leave them posted around your house as gentle reminders of these positive pockets of energy you’re manifesting. 

Positive affirmations are among the less complicated manifestation methods but are very effective—all you need to do is decorate your walls with some sticky neon notes and read them as you go about your day. Use these as a great reminder of your goals so that you can keep going on the harder days too.

If you’re stuck on ideas to get started, you could have positive affirmations like:

  • “Courage starts by showing up and letting ourselves be seen” —Brené Brown. This quote is great for people who need a confidence boost to show up with their best selves.
  • “Am I good enough? Yes, I am.”—Michelle Obama. Everyone needs to add this to their positive affirmation ritual. It will serve as a reminder every day that you are more than enough and capable of anything you set your mind to, no matter how out of reach it may seem.
  • “The perfect moment is this one.”—Jon Kabat-Zinn. This one is perfect for making sure you live in the present and enjoy the moment. It is ideal for manifesting and ensuring your energy level is as vibrant and positive as possible.

3. Pillow Method

One of the easiest and simplest manifestation methods is the pillow method. Simply write an affirmation on a small piece of paper and place it under your pillow, leaving it for a set number of days.  

Let this be the last thing on your mind at night, and allow your subconscious brain to dream about and absorb the affirmation as you sleep.  

To ensure that this is as effective as possible, write in the present tense and take baby steps: the more you believe it is achievable, the more likely it is that you attract this energy. 

At first, don’t worry too much about sticking to a set timeline. Just focus on your affirmation and allow the universe to stick to its timescale. With time, you will be able to define a timeline.

This method is one of the easiest because all you need to do is sleep and let your subconscious mind do all the work for you!

4. 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 manifestation method is a case of writing down affirmations three times a day. You write down three things in the morning, six things in the afternoon, and nine in the evening. You follow this for 33 or 45 days. 

There is also the choice to state these affirmations aloud. However, a goal unwritten is only a wish, so these are much more powerful when written down.

This technique works best if you speak in the present as if the manifestation already exists and it is already yours. It’s important to be consistent and have faith that this manifestation will happen and is yours.  

You have to have faith and trust in the 369 manifestation method—what’s meant for you won’t go by you. The energy you emit, you will attract. 

It’s important to remember that this is not a fast process. Instead, the 369 manifestation method means that you are reminded of your goals three times a day and stay focused on them. Try not to obsess over them but allow the universe to do the work for you. You just have to align your thoughts and energy with the universe so that it’s easier for it to happen.

5. Visualization

Visualization is a powerful manifestation technique. It only takes a few minutes per day and is best when you’ve just woken up or right after meditation. There are many techniques to visualize and create a mental image in your head of how you want your life to be.  

One of the manifestation methods to help with visualization is the “Mental Rehearsal Technique.” To do this, imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre, and the movie you’re watching is the movie of your life. You can imagine yourself sitting in the theatre, watching the lights dim, and becoming comfortable in your seat.  

Pay close attention to your movie: What do you wear, and how do you carry yourself? Also, pay close attention to what you are doing, the life you live, and the career you have. 

Make sure that this is as realistic as possible, from minor details to how your face looks to your surroundings. If there’s traffic, add the noises and the fumes—make this movie look as high definition as possible!

Think of your emotions and tune into your body as you watch the movie. Next, rise out of your seat and enter into the movie itself. Look out through your eyes and experience the movie from inside your own body. Imagine how you would feel, the smells you smell, and the sounds you hear. Ensure that it is as vivid as possible.  

Finally, go out of the movie and back to your seat in the movie theatre. Once you have settled in, grab the cinema screen and shrink it down to the size of a piece of candy and eat it. Chew it and swallow it until you feel the whole piece go through your bloodstream, into all parts of your body. Your whole body now envelops the movie.  

Do this visualization technique every day and see how it impacts your life and how much you can manifest into your life.

6. Third-Person Perspective  

Visualizing and manifesting your life from an outsider’s point of view allows you to become an observer. It means your subconscious mind can start training itself to attract the type of energy that you give off.  

The third-person perspective gives you a dissociated state in which you can analyze your actions, how you see yourself, and the positive things about yourself that others see in you but you find challenging to identify.  

This manifestation technique is incredibly wonderful for building self-confidence and believing in yourself. If confidence is something you struggle with, try this technique first and see how you manifest before trying in the first person.  

7. Imagining Your Future Self

If you currently find a real disparity between where you are, who you are, and where you see your future self, then this is the perfect method for you. There is an effortless way to close this gap and become your dream version of yourself almost immediately.  

Close your eyes. Imagine your future self and include and indulge in all the details. Ask yourself:

  • What do you wear?
  • Who do you hang out with in social and professional settings?
  • How do you show up when you meet friends? Are you on time or are you late? Do you gossip or hold meaningful conversations?
  • What are your hobbies? Do you read, or do you spend time scrolling through social media?
  • How do you nurture your body? Maybe you spend time doing yoga or exercising overeating junk food.

Think of all these things in minute detail and take the time to envisage your future self and where you see yourself. You can even include things like the job you want to have or how you spend your free time. 

By really imagining all of these things, you can start to implement small steps. For example, who your friends are and who you spend time with—focus intensely on the people who bring the best out in you and those who bounce positive energy.

The secret to becoming the dream version of yourself isn’t a secret—you just have to start.

8. Gratitude Journal

Being thankful for what we have has been shown to make us happier. Keeping a gratitude journal has been proven to help deal with stress and anxiety. Expressing gratitude is also one of the core manifestation methods. 

It’s very simple: keep a note of things every day that you appreciate. It is a great moment to take to yourself and reflect on how far you have come. 

The idea behind this is that it makes your energy function on a higher level and means you’re more likely to attract positive energy with your new positive mindset.  

9. Subconscious Reprogramming

Your mind follows patterns of familiar behavior and falls into a habit. The key to subconscious reprogramming is reprogramming your mind to stop falling into the trap of having and attracting negative thoughts to breed positivity.  

There are specific methods set aside to do this, such as hypnosis, soundwave therapy, and positive affirmations. However, there are ways in which you can achieve similar results through meditation. Ruby Wax suggests that we can reprogram our minds, which can help us in all aspects of our lives, from reducing workplace stress to being happier within ourselves. 

One example is to imagine you are on a hill, and all your thoughts float by you. You can pick and choose which ones you attach yourself to in this scene. You can choose only to pick the positive thoughts. You can reprogram your whole mind and manifest the life you want in this way.

10. The Movie Method

Different from the rehearsal technique, the movie method is another manifestation technique if you struggle to visualize. If you sit and stress over working out every detail of your future life and find it more stressful than fruitful, try the movie method.  

The movie method is such an easy technique and simply involves cozying up to your favorite film—you might even have done this before without realizing it. 

Choose a film that you would like a part of your life to replicate. Watch the movie and imagine yourself as a character. 

Maybe you’re the bride who finally finds true love, or Rapunzel finally being saved from the tower by Prince Charming, or Elle Woods getting into law school. You could even be a guy walking down the street with a smart stride wearing a fancy watch and shoes. It is whatever you want it to be.

You can repeat this as many times as you need, pretending to be a different character each time —focus and get lost in the moment. You can watch various movies to simply imagine yourself as a character for a few seconds, so long as you remain focused on what that character has that you aim to want, whether it be a character trait or materialistic. 

Soon, you might feel like you have created your own movie of your life just based on the characters you’re trying to imitate. 

One hint of being successful at this method is to feel like you are living in a movie: you want to envision every moment of your life, from getting coffee to riding the bus to walking through the busy streets of New York. 

When we start to envision our own life, we find we can only attract good things as we are grateful for what we have while living in the moment.

11. Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…Technique

One of the more lighthearted and least time-consuming manifestation methods involves simply saying: “Wouldn’t it be nice if…(insert desire).” If you find yourself obsessing over a timeframe and unable to separate yourself from your desires, then this is the perfect technique for you.

This approach lets you have a lighthearted conversation with yourself as if you were just chatting to a friend without becoming too attached to the desire itself.

For example, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I got the job I applied for at X company.” 

This technique offers a fresh outlook and reminds us that we only need to have an open mind for the universe to manifest our desires. 

12. Meditation Manifestation Techniques

There are many manifestation methods that use the power of meditation. There are a variety of apps and websites that will talk you through it as you go along. While meditation is one of the more time-consuming techniques, it allows your subconscious mind to reset and allows your body to open up to new possibilities. It is the best manifestation technique for long-lasting and wide-ranging results. 

A quiet mind can attract an abundance of positive energies. Meditation also acts as a moment for you to enjoy the present and connect with the universe. 

Meditation works by quieting your mind and being more in tune with your body, which helps you manifest faster. What’s ideal with meditation is combining meditation with another manifestation technique, such as chanting affirmations or visualization. Take time to listen to your inner self and grasp what you need and desire to lead a fulfilling life.

While meditating and manifesting in general, remember not to let the shadow of doubt creep in and infect your positive mindset. Avoid phrases like “Am I even doing this right?”—you are, and you’re trying, which is all you need. 

You don’t need anything more than positive energy and a willingness to meditate. You will find with a settled soul and quietened mind that manifestation becomes faster and easier. 

Try meditating every day for a week for just ten minutes a day and see how your life changes and if you find the process of manifestation easier. You can gradually increase to 20, then 30 minutes a day and so forth.

Remember, the universe is listening—you just have to ask for your desires in a way that it understands. 

Manifest, Visualize, Attract  

No matter your desires—whether they be love, success, or happiness—manifesting and generating positivity is an easy first step to becoming who you imagine yourself being.

You attract the energy you give off. The simplest thing is to align yourself with the energy you want to receive. Don’t doubt yourself or the process; allow your brain to reprogram itself and emit positive energy. With a little bit of time, you can close the gap of who and where you are and who and where you want to be.  

Try out some of these top manifestation methods yourself and see how much you grow, develop, and where your life takes you. You can learn more about how to manifest here.

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