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Welcome! My name is Amanda and I’m the author behind

I’m happy that you found this blog. It has already helped many others on their path to the life they desired. I’d be happy if you could be next!

A little bit more about me…

More than 5 years ago, I first learned about manifestation and the law Of attraction. At this time, I felt empty and my life felt meaningless. I was in a dead-end job, living paycheck to paycheck. Even worse, I was overweight and still suffering from the break-up with my ex-boyfriend.

I desperately needed help fast. When I first heard about the law of attraction, my life began to change.

Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t an overnight change. I started practicing manifestation regularly. There were still some ups and downs, but the more change i felt, the more I started to believe!

I tested (and still keep testing!) all the manifestation methods I could find. On this blog I’m sharing my personal experience and provide you with step-by-step instructions so that you can profit from them. I’d be more than happy if you could finally see results and get closer to the life you desire every day.

Here are just some examples of things you could soon be manifesting:

  • The partner you desire (maybe even your Ex)
  • More money/wealth
  • The body of your dreams
  • A house
  • …anything you want!

You’re in the right place if your willing to change your life manifesting!

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