How to Manifest Your Crush

You met a special someone who has grabbed your attention and sparked a feeling of longing and excitement. You want to pursue a relationship with this particular person, but you are unsure how to do so.

How to Manifest Your Crush

You met a special someone who has grabbed your attention and sparked a feeling of longing and excitement. You want to pursue a relationship with this particular person, but you are unsure how to do so.

Tap into the extraordinary power of the mind to manifest your crush by using several techniques inspired by the law of attraction. These strategies allow you to attract almost any individual through positive thoughts and energy effortlessly.

But how? 

Below are things you can do to help manifest your crush.

1. Focus Your Thoughts

To learn how to manifest your crush, you have to train your thinking to be more positive. Think positive thoughts about yourself and your love interest. Positive attitudes will help you bring positive energy into your life and relationships.

Imagine your romantic interest and yourself going out on dates together and having fun. Picture yourself with your crush doing different things together and in a romantic relationship over and over until you truly are together.

Keep images of your love interest in your mind and visualize the type of relationship you desire as much as possible.

When you start feeling negative thoughts entering your mind that say your crush won’t feel the same way about you, begin to think the positive ones again until the negative ones start to fade.

It’s important to avoid negative thinking and dwelling on negativity because it will give you the opposite results you are seeking after. Remember, whatever thoughts you fill your mind with is what you’ll manifest in your life. If you want to learn how to manifest a great relationship with your crush, there’s no way around it: you will need to focus your positive thoughts in that direction.

As an added benefit, maintaining a positive mindset is better for your overall well-being since it can help reduce anxiety and stress.

2. Repeat Positive Affirmations To Yourself

Science has shown that repeating positive affirmations to yourself every day can positively affect your sense of self-worth and emotions.

When people repeat approving messages about themselves, they begin to subconsciously believe those messages, much like when people constantly repeat negative statements about themselves, it will cause them to start to believe those things about themselves.

When you are getting ready for the day, you must speak words of affirmation to yourself. For instance, you could say something like:

  • “I am an attractive person that (insert name of crush) wants to be with.”
  • “I am a great catch, and (insert name of crush) is attracted to me.”
  • “(insert name of crush) adores me and wants to be with me.”
  • “(insert name of crush) sees me as attractive, intelligent, and a potential romantic partner.”
  • “(insert name of crush) and I are soulmates and complement each other.”

As you continue to repeat these words to yourself, you will be embedding them into your psyche, which will help you to have more confidence. Your love interest will definitely take notice of your strong sense of self-worth. 

After all, the most attractive people tend to emit self-confidence and inner strength.

3. Feed Positive Emotions

Emotions are powerful and can work as a tool to help you manifest your crush, but they can also work against you and sabotage your chances of getting close to your love interest.

When you are interested in someone romantically, there are a lot of emotions that you will feel, such as happiness, excitement, and passion. However, there are also negative emotions that you can feel, like worry, fear, and inadequacy.

It would be best if you fed the positive emotions to manifest your crush because those are the ones that are going to get you closer to your goal. Those feelings of excitement, passion, and joy are what will attract your potential romantic partner to you because they will make you a more desirable person.

Think about it. If you met someone who was always pessimistic, sad, and anxious, would you want to be around that person? The chances are that you probably would not.

On the other hand, you would more than likely enjoy being around someone who is happy, upbeat, and passionate.

The same is true for yourself. People will gravitate towards you when you express positive emotions, including that special someone you’ve been pining for lately.

4. Create A Vision Board

A physical representation of what you desire will help you visualize your goals. There is something powerful about vision boards, as research shows that people who create vision boards are more likely to reach their goals.

Create a private vision board of what you desire your relationship to look like with your crush. Cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, and anything else you can get your hands on to fill your board.

If you want to marry your romantic interest eventually, cut out and paste wedding images, like your favorite wedding attire, venues, and cakes. If you imagine having a family with your crush someday, then cut out and paste pictures of how you envision your ideal family to the vision board.

The more detailed you make your vision board, the better it will help you visualize your goals more vividly.

Once your vision board is complete, look at it every day. It will remind you of what you want to achieve and help motivate you.

5. Make Your Presence Known

Sometimes when a person is infatuated with another person, they might be too afraid to be around them out of nervousness or fear. This is a mistake because if the crush has no idea the other person exists or is around, how will they ever develop feelings of love?

To manifest your crush, you should make your presence known positively. Be friendly and inviting so that your romantic interest will know you exist.

However, avoid overdoing it. You do not want to become an annoying pest. Just simply be around in a casual way from time to time.

One of the best ways to make your presence known is to utilize body language, so when you are with your crush, be mindful of your body language and make sure that it sends out positive energy.

The best poses to boost confidence and let your presence be known are ones that take up space. For instance, the Superman pose (also known as the power pose) will help you not only to look confident and assertive, but it will also make you feel that way too. 

Your crush will notice you when you have this type of body language and want to be around you.

On the opposite end, you will want to refrain from negative closed-off body language, which could lead to your love interest receiving the wrong messages about you.

For example, avoid crossing your arms, looking down, and slouching, as these motions could signal that you want to be left alone or have low self-esteem.

Facial expressions are also important, so try to smile when you are with your crush but don’t force a smile as it could make you seem uncomfortable. Avoid frowning, furrowing your brow, and clenching your teeth because those gestures might also communicate discomfort.

6. Have Faith In Yourself

Learning how to manifest your crush will not always happen right away. It may take some additional time that you may not expect, but don’t lose faith.

Once again, keep positive thoughts and attitudes about yourself in your mind. You are a fantastic individual, and your crush will eventually see that if you see it in yourself first.

With that being said, avoid putting too much emphasis on what your love interest thinks about you. Do not give any person complete power over yourself and base your self-worth on how others view or treat you. 

Basing your self-worth on other people will almost always set you up for negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. 

When people are happy with you, you will feel good about yourself, but you will be down on yourself when people are unhappy with you. This form of dependency is unhealthy and leads to emotional highs and lows.

You are worthy of love and happiness, so have faith in the process and take heart.

7. Tap Into the Power of Crystals

The belief in crystals and gemstones is becoming increasingly popular as they are said to aid in different aspects of life, including love and relationships. Whether you believe in the power of crystals and gemstones or not, they are worth a shot and look stunning as home decorations or wearable accessories.

Here’s how to manifest your crush with crystals:

  • Rose quartz is a beautiful light pink crystal that is thought to aid in romantic relationships. Additionally, it is said to have healing powers to help get over break-ups. Due to this, rose quartz is the most popular crystal for relationships and love.
  • Moonstone, a milky white gemstone, brings emotional balance and peace. It can help make a person feel more stable and centered. Moonstone is associated with renewal, so it is great for kicking off a great new relationship with your crush.
  • Amethyst, also known as the couple’s stone, is excellent for romantic relationships. It provides a balance of emotions and aids in maintaining stability. Amethyst is also supposed to create deeper bonds between romantic partners, so it can assist you in creating a deeper bond with your crush.
  • Rubies, crimson red-colored gemstones, are great for increasing confidence and passion. If you require a boost in spirit, this gemstone can benefit you. Rubies bring positivity into a relationship, so you can wear them to encourage a happy connection between you and your romantic interest.
  • Amber, a warm-toned gemstone, helps attract and manifest positive desires. It is a good luck charm for love and marriage and encourages lasting love.

Many other crystals out there have different properties and benefits, so look around and find ones that will suit your needs and tastes.

8. Take Action

If you have done all the things mentioned above and feel that the time is right, go ahead and take action. For example, you can introduce yourself and start a casual conversation with the person.

If you are really feeling confident, you could invite your love interest to an event or to get coffee. Remember to gradually build up positive actions and get to know that person.

Never come on too strong, though, because it will make your crush feel uncomfortable. Try to stay light and casual.

If your crush makes the first move and asks you out, refrain from acting too excited or needy. Instead, try to maintain a relaxed demeanor.

It’s best not to rush and let everything happen naturally.

9. Let Go Of The Need To Control

You might desperately want to make your romantic interest desire you, but keep in mind that this person has the right to free will. No matter how much you might like this individual, it would be best if you did not cross boundaries or try to control the situation.

The more you try to control a situation or a person, the less likely things will end up going the way you want them to, as no one likes to be regulated or lose their sense of free will.

Refrain from pushing yourself onto your crush. Instead, let the relationship naturally bud into fruition.

You will realize that the moment you let go of the desperate need to control, you will feel more at peace, and things will work in your favor.


There is no feeling in the world quite as exciting as falling in love and forming a new relationship. However, falling in love can also be one of the scariest things to experience as you may wonder if the person you love will return your feelings.

Although unrequited love can seem terrifying, you can feel more confident by using the power of positivity to draw out positive energy in your love life. Tailor the above tips for how to manifest your crush to your needs and preferences. Above all, remember to remain true to yourself throughout the process, and things are bound to work out fine no matter what. Just in case you don’t have a certain person to manifest love from, you can also learn how to manifest love in general.

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