How to Manifest Someone to Dream about you

If you’re new to the idea of manifesting, you may find getting started difficult. However, this process is quite simple when you understand how to manifest something.

How to Manifest Someone to Dream about you

How to manifest someone to dream about you? 

Perhaps you want someone to think more about you or have feelings for someone who may not feel the same. Learning how to manifest someone to dream about you is a great first step to getting them to think about you. The process of doing so just requires time and patience.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about manifesting someone to dream about you. As you go through these 5 simple steps, consider the importance of your emotions, attitude, and motivations. You need to be in a calm state of mind when you start each session.

1. Be Specific About What You Want 

The first step in learning how to manifest someone to dream about you is being specific about your desires.

Know what it is you want and why. Don’t just have a rough idea in your head – take the time to get out pen and paper and write out the full details. 

So what is it you want to attract? Reflect on all the details:

  • Who do you want to have this dream?
  • When do you want this person to have this dream?
  • What will take place in the dream?
  • Who is there?
  • What emotions are they conveying?

Give yourself the time to reflect on every single element of the dream – whether it’s the clothes you’re wearing or the weather that day. The more you visualize every aspect of the dream in greater clarity, the more your energy will be consistent with the energy you want to attract.

Aside from thinking about the what, you also need to think about the why. Why is it that you want this dream to be manifested – what’s in it for you? Think about what is motivating you to want this dream manifested – is this desire coming from a place of positivity or a place of negativity? Do you want this to happen out of bitterness or out of love?

These differences in motivations are crucial to determining the success of your manifest. If you’re coming from a place of jealously, you’ll likely attract negative outcomes, while if you come from a place of joy, you’ll likely attract positive outcomes. Make sure you fully understand your own motivations – don’t try and deceive yourself that you’re motivated out of positivity when you know it’s not really true.

2. Imagine Someone Has Just Dreamed About You

To help you flesh out the finer details of your manifestation, spend a moment thinking about what it would be like if you got what you wanted. Before you start this next step, find a quiet and dark place free from distraction. Take several deep breaths to help you feel calm and focus your mind.

Now you can start imagining the scenario. Suppose you wake up the next morning and reach for your phone to find a text message from your special someone: “Hey, guess who just had a dream about you?” Think about how that would make you feel. Think about your emotional reaction to this news and what you might text back in response.

Now imagine you’re having this conversation with them in person. You’re sitting opposite them at your favorite bar or restaurant, and they begin to relay to you all the details of the dream they had about you. What would they be saying to you? Think about all the finer details of the dream they describe to you and imagine yourself doing what they say in the dream.

Now consider the person’s facial expressions as they describe the story to you. Are they happy, amused, or excited? Do their eyes light up when they tell you the story? Do they want what happened in the dream to come true?

Lastly, consider what your reaction is to news of the dream. Are you surprised by what you hear? Are you enjoying following the story along? How do you respond to them? What do you say?

As you start to imagine this scenario, your energy in real life will match the energy of your scenario, and that energy will attract those same experiences in real life, according to thelaw of attraction.

3. Use Affirmations to Help Focus Your Mind

One of the most important steps towards achieving your manifest is by using affirmations to help focus your mind. You might not be familiar with using affirmations, but they’re a highly effective tool that’s easy to get to grips with.

Here are some basic instructions to help you use affirmations. When you’re thinking about the content of your affirmations, there are a number of key characteristics that they should have. 

  1. Most importantly, they should be personal: they should relate to things which are happening in your life over which you want to be in control.
  2. Second, they should be positive: if you want to affirm something, make sure you embrace it wholeheartedly as something that will make a positive impact on your life.
  3. Finally, they should be emotional: the affirmations must express something that you really care about, and you should feel an emotional attachment to securing the right outcome.

What’s more, your affirmation should be filled with that same passion when you say it out loud.

Is it necessary that you say the affirmations out loud? In one sense, it’s not necessary, but the impact of the affirmations is likely to be much greater if you do say them out loud. That’s because you want both your body and mind to get used to the content of the affirmation so that they are gradually embedded into your subconscious.

There is no set number of affirmations you should say at the same time, but focus on a number that is manageable that you can recite without too much difficulty. Prioritise quality over quality: choose affirmations which most closely speak to your needs and desires, rather than try to draw up a list of as many possible affirmations as you can.

Examples of Affirmations You Could Use

Here are some good affirmations you can use when learning how to manifest someone to dream about you.

  • I want to be happy.
  • I want to be satisfied.
  • I want to be content.
  • I want to make my friends happy.
  • I want to make my family happy.
  • I want to make progress in my career.
  • I want to make progress in my relationships.

Use language which is simple, relatable and easy to replicate, so that your mind is focusing more on the meaning of the words than how to interpret them. Keep repeating the affirmations until saying them feels effortless, at which point your mind and body will start to act in unison.

Don’t expect the affirmations to work immediately. It’s likely to take at least a week before the affirmations begin to have an effect on you, but it may take up to a month. The precise time it takes depends very much on personal traits and characteristic, so make sure you have patience and be prepared to let the universe take its course.

Now you understand how to form affirmations, think about how to apply this to manifesting someone to dream about you.

Think about affirmations that describe the dream and the effect that it has on the recipient. How does the dream make them feel, and how does it make them feel about you? Or you might decide that it’s important the thoughts come before the dream. How might they be thinking about you that causes them to have a dream about you. 

You might come up with affirmations such as:

  • I want x to have a dream about me.
  • I want x to admire me.
  • I want x to be constantly thinking about me.
  • I want x to be obsessed with me.
  • I want x to have feelings for me.
  • I want x to tell their friends about me.
  • I want x to want to be with me.

One of the hardest parts of affirmations is getting used to saying them. At first, you might find it weird to say things out loud to yourself in this way – you might feel it’s embarrassing or crazy. However, once you start to get more comfortable saying affirmations, you’ll find that their effect, and their power, will start to take hold.

Stop thinking about how other people might feel about hearing your affirmations, and instead think about how you feel listening to them. Does saying them make you feel happier about yourself? If so, stick with the same types of affirmations to lock in those good feelings. If not, think about how you can further refine your affirmations to better fit your emotions and desires.

Affirmations don’t just make you think happier thoughts and feel better – they also crowd out the negative energy that your mind might have been preoccupied with. The result is that you both feel more content and have a stronger sense of self-belief about the future.

4. You Have To Dream About Them Too

Remember, the law of attraction states that only when you have the same energy as another person will the two of you become attracted to one another across space and time. Therefore, in order to have the same energy as the person you want to dream about you, you have to dream about them too.

Of course, you can’t have a direct influence on what you experience in your dreams, but what you think about before you go to bed can have an impact on what you later dream about.

So think about how you want that special person to feature in your dreams. What do you want to be doing together, and where, and when? What do you want to say, and what do you want them to say back?

Be specific, but also be realistic. Remember, the aim is to try to emulate the same energy as the person dreaming about you, so set aside real thoughts and wild fantasies and focus instead on the kind of dream they could also have about you.

Once you’ve pinpointed how you want to experience your dream, you could say out loud something like “O universe – when I dream about this person, I want them to be dreaming about me too.” Don’t expect instant results – the transmission of your message may take time, but if you say it right, it’ll get to its intended recipient.

5. Detach Yourself From The Situation

The final step in how to manifest someone to dream about you is often the one that people find the most challenging. When you want something to happen, you feel emotionally invested in it. You might feel desperate for it, but these intense feelings can often produce the opposite to the desired outcome.

Nothing good comes from worries, anxieties or concerns that you might not get what. Having these feelings may put you at odds with the vibrations of the universe, causing you to fall out of sync with them. All of your previous efforts to manifest that someone dream about you may go to waste, if this happens.

Instead, try to detach yourself from the situation. Let the universe take control, and let nature take its course. You may feel you need to find out whether your efforts have paid off, but don’t jump the gun. Wait for the person to tell you whether they’ve experienced a dream about you. 

Don’t lose hope if you don’t hear from them immediately. Be patient; take a step back and let the process take its natural course; and you’ll maximize the chances of your manifest paying off.

Final Thoughts

Remember, if you’re new to affirmations and manifesting, it can feel like a very strange, unfamiliar experience. You may even be skeptical that it’s having any tangible effect.

However, patience is crucial, and practice makes perfect. It’s really important that you don’t give up hope early on. Once you’ve read through this guide on how to manifest someone to dream about you, have a go at following the steps by yourself in person. If you’re prepared to wait long enough, you’ll soon see that your actions are starting to have an effect.

As long as you’re in touch with your emotions, and you’re clear about what your goals are, then you can use the manifestation process and sit back to let the universe take its course.

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