How to Manifest Someone to be Obsessed With You

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, most often in our late teens or early 20’s – having that massive crush on someone who isn’t that interested in us. You can’t sleep, eat, study, or work properly. That person is on your mind night and day. Oh, how you wish they would show you even the slightest bit of notice…

How to Manifest Someone to be Obsessed With You

The bad news is there is no magic spell, affirmation, visualization, ritual, manifestation practice, and so on that can MAKE someone fall for you. It would be way too easy and much less satisfying in the end if these tricks did work.

The good news is there is another way to draw people to you. And it has nothing to do with tricks. It involves doing the real work, the deep work. It means working on yourself to be the best, most magnetic version of you that you can be by learning how to make someone obsessed with you simply by manifesting. 

Here’s a complete guide on how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you in return. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts, how it works, and whether it’s a good strategy for you.

First, What Not to Do

When considering how to make someone obsessed with you, it can be tempting to do some crazy things. When you have that larger-than-life crush on someone, the last thing you want to do is chase them, moon over their every word and deed, and become needy and obsessed. 

Don’t write them letters and poems, don’t phone them and then hang up, don’t stalk them on social media – or anywhere else. Do not befriend their family and friends just to find a way to be near them.

These kinds of behaviors come off as desperate, needy, and frankly, and frightening. You’re giving your power away, and people find that off-putting. 

Instead, the key is to learn how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you and therefore make yourself more alluring.

But how do you start? What is the secret? 

The Secret to Making Someone Obsessed With You

So, here it is. The answer you’ve been searching for. Imagine the sound of a drum roll… 

What you need to learn how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you is focusing on making yourself empowered.

People are attracted to others who have their own thing going on. Someone who has got their life in order has an extraordinarily powerful magnetism. 

Think about it, why are you obsessed with the person you’re currently into? Most likely, they have a certain amount of personal power, are succeeding in their studies or work, sports, and hobbies, and don’t care all that much about what other people think of them. 

This independence of spirit and commitment to themselves is extremely attractive. It shows a person has good values, takes pride in what they are trying to do with their lives, and that what they are doing is larger than gossip, politics, and school-girl or boy crushes. It shows they have self-actualized (or are working towards doing so), are confident, and have healthy self-esteem.

Think of the great leaders in history. People followed them because they were strong. Others are drawn to strength, decisiveness, and personal power. Historical leaders probably didn’t read ‘how to make someone obsessed with you’ articles; they just went into the world and confidently spoke their truth, attracting lovers and followers along the way. 

You’re probably also want to be like the person you’re obsessed with. You may want to feel strong, directed, and in control of your life as well as achieve their obsession with you.

If you’re currently struggling with your confidence and can’t imagine being the calm, collected, confident, and magnetic person you want to be, don’t worry – it’s a process. Remember that you can learn how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you just by creating positive thoughts and goals in your mind. 

We’ve broken this process down into a few steps you can follow to develop more confidence, personal power, and allure. It may require a lot of retraining and habit-breaking, but if you commit to following these tips, most likely, your crush-  or someone even better – will be turning their head in your direction soon!

1. Don’t Be a Victim

Life is challenging, no doubt about it, so it can be easy to allow yourself to feel like a victim of circumstance. If you’re single while all your friends are happily coupled up, have unrequited love, or are in an unbalanced relationship, it can undermine your confidence. 

Don’t let it. You always have a choice in how you respond and react. You always have control. So, be happy for your friends in relationships, forget about that person who probably isn’t right for you anyway, and dump that someone who’s only sticking around until something better comes along. 

You also don’t have to have ‘arrived’ in life to stop feeling disempowered. Change your perspective and see yourself as someone committed to their goals for the long haul. 

If you’ve fallen into the victim frame of mind, it may take a while to retrain yourself. Be aware of your thoughts, and each time you find yourself thinking something defeatist, actively replace it with a new, more empowering thought. 

Even if it’s ‘well, that didn’t work out, but I’m going to try again tomorrow.’ You don’t have to bully yourself out of victimhood; be kind to yourself as you choose better thoughts. 

Be curious about where your victim thoughts are coming from. Why are you wanting to know how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you rather than working on yourself? Are victim-orientated thoughts yours, or are they really someone else’s voice? 

Either way – don’t listen to that voice! Create your own narrative about who you are and how you perceive things. 

You can do anything you truly set your mind to just by learning how to manifest positive thoughts into existence – remember that. 

2. Know Who You Are and What You Want

You may find you become easily obsessed with other people and their standpoints because you are unsure of your own values and needs. It’s essential to take some time to work out what you stand for. And then stand your ground when something comes along that does not align with your values. 

If you don’t stand for anything, it is far easier for people to push you around and take advantage of you. Define your boundaries, what is okay, and what is not okay, and then choose your fights wisely. This is important in general life and in relationships. 

Your needs are also important when you’re in a romantic relationship. Know what they are, and don’t be shy to ask for them to be met, within reason, of course. If someone cannot or will not respect your core needs and values, they are not for you. 

This way, you won’t need to know how to make someone obsessed with you; you’ll be standing in your own power, and others will be drawn to you. 

3. Do More of What You Love

Doing things you love is extremely powerful. If you love it, you are more likely to put in the time to get really good at it. That passion and subsequent skill are attractive. Though, more than that, it deepens your relationship with yourself. You will be happier with who you are and where you are going in life.

Remember, you also don’t have to be number one to be good. Don’t let other people’s achievements and goals pressure you into pushing harder than you honestly want to. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Knowing your limits and how far you want to go with something is also a sign of confidence and strength. It shows you won’t be pushed around and deflected from your own goals.

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that you can only do what you love if it brings you loads of money and social status. Remember that you can do things purely because you love doing them. You don’t have to become a famous artist, a renowned healer, etc. It’s okay to explore things you are interested in purely for the joy of it. This also denotes independence from outward pressures, which is intriguing and alluring. 

4. Invest in Developing Yourself 

Investing in yourself is always important. The process will deepen your understanding of your subject and yourself. Don’t stop learning when you finish school. Learning, in whatever form that takes for you, is a life-long journey.

Investing in yourself will look different for everyone. Maybe you want to go back to college to secure a higher degree, maybe you want to get fit and healthy physically, or perhaps you want to work with a life coach to sort out things that are holding you back. 

Exploring these options strengthens you as a person. You’ll have more tools to take care of yourself when things get tough, which is an invaluable and attractive ‘how to make someone obsessed with you’ tool. 

5. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about acting consciously and being present, exactly where and as you are. You’ll feel more joy and get more out of life by getting out of your mind and being fully engaged in what you are doing each moment. 

If you’re chatting with someone, be there 100%. Truly listen to what they say and respond authentically. You’ll begin to cultivate more meaningful connections with others in any relationship. 

Remember that people love to feel heard and appreciated. You’ll make them feel good, and thus they’ll be drawn to you. 

6. Be Yourself 

Someone once said there’s no time to be anything but yourself. If you project only what people want to see, not who you are, you’re giving them a false impression. This isn’t sustainable as it drains a lot of energy. It’s bound to collapse. When it does, it can be painful, and you’ll feel like you’ve wasted time.

Instead, work on loving exactly who you are, with all your attributes, quirks, and shortfalls. People can feel when you aren’t truly being yourself, and that pushes them away. However, being yourself doesn’t mean you have to give all of yourself away all at once. Just make sure that the way you interact and respond to people is always a true reflection of who you are. 

Being yourself can feel like a moving target, and it is. Who you are at 20 will be different from who you are at 40. So, you’ll need to keep doing the personal work to be acting in alignment with yourself and your current status quo all through your life. 

7. Pick Yourself Up if You Fall

Now the keyword we used earlier is that becoming your best, most alluring self, so to speak, is a ‘process.’ There will always be setbacks along the way. The trick is not to give up. When the backslides happen, take some time to work through them and heal, and then keep going, keep trying, even if it means you have to adjust your direction in what you are trying to achieve.

You only fail if you quit, as they say. And even quitting can be turned into a strength if it serves your development. For example, if you’re only studying something because your family wants you to, quitting and doing what ignites you shows significant personal strength. No path you choose will be easy, but you are more likely to do well and learn more about who you really are if it is a path you have chosen. 

Some Final Thoughts

As you can see, working on how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you has very little to do with them and a whole lot to do with you. You will never regret investing time or money to make yourself a better person who can contribute more to the world. You will look back fondly on the years spent mooning away in your room over someone who never notices you. 

So go on, make yourself into someone amazing who can command attention and notice from everyone around you. 

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